Environmental power for the people


The challenge was to build on the eco-friendly nature of the WakaWaka packaging and inspirational power products inside it.

Carrying this forward into the POS was going to be quite a task. We had three products to fit within the designated metre, each providing value added benefits. We had to communicate a clear product step-up in a small footprint.


Our innovative team sourced unbleached, recycled cardboard with similar grain size and shade to the product packaging. We then designed and printed messaging which revealed as much of the substrate as possible.

We selected three lifestyle images from the client’s extensive portfolio, each showing target user models. The product’s inherent packaging was very much at home in the merchandised metre.

Digging deep into the brand story, a percentage of all sales ultimately provide power and lighting to the 3rd world, a very powerful message which was communicated on the shelf strip – the most predominant and visible part of the display.


extra hours for work and study per year provided by WakaWaka's


WakaWaka's provided worldwide

1.2 billion

people in the world that live off-grid


reached with WakaWaka


WakaWaka’s mission is to provide safe, sustainable solar for all.

WakaWaka believe that access to energy, having power, is a basic human right and is essential in everybody’s life. Access to energy, means access to education, communication, and income generating opportunities. More than a billion people around the world live without energy and face serious consequences in their socio-economic development. Therefore, creating worldwide access to energy is much needed.

The world’s greatest natural energy resource is the sun. It’s abundant, sustainable and available everywhere. It’s a solution for everyone that is in need of power, but has no access to the grid, whether it’s permanent or temporary.

With WakaWaka, everybody is able to tap into the sun. For earthquake survivors, rural farmers, office commuters, or outdoor enthusiasts, they can all make use of solar products with the exact same WakaWaka design and quality.

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