Keeping a watchful EYE on your home


The challenge was making it clear to customers that the Humax IP Camera was not like every other IP camera. We needed to explain the fact that the product had a key USP in that customers could view recorded footage through their Humax set-top box and well as on their smartphones.


Our creative team explored a number of possible routes before arriving on the product name -Humax EYE.

Our proposed strap line ‘keep an eye on your home, your pets, your loved ones etc’ worked well on a range of instore and online collateral.

The Humax Eye works alone or alongside selected Humax DVR’s.

We made sure that key benefits such as Night Vision, HD, and Smartphone access were promoted strongly.


Humax founded


estimated global smart home market by 2023


humax was involved in UK digital tv switchover


Humax launches digital set-top box


Founded in 1989, HUMAX is a leading gateway developer dedicated to providing better content delivery systems for the consumers through continuous research, development and innovations.

With 20 overseas subsidiaries and branches across the globe, HUMAX currently provides 80 major broadcasting companies and mobile carriers with high-quality video gateways, set-top boxes and broadband gateways.

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