Smarter eyewear. Built by athletes for athletes


The challenge was to how to communicate with many benefits of the incredible Recon Jet smart glasses. At the time smart glasses hadn't broken through and a key part of our role would be to take the product beyond professional athletics to wider sport enthusiasts.


Our team undertook significant research to identify the target retail channels. Our recommendations were to clearly focus on specialist channels, where store staff could relate to the desired customer base of runners, cyclists and triathletes.

Our designers created a wide range of in-store materials which reflected the in-store demo opportunities what were essential to achieve volume sales.


first consumer heads-up display launched by Recon


estimated wearables market by 2021

Recon Instruments

Recon is an Intel company. They believe that instant information, delivered in the right context, can set us free and help us fulfil our true potential. Recon don’t believe in compromises.

Recon design their products to be safe, elegant, well-balanced, and incredibly easy to use. Nothing is more important to them. Sports are a great proving ground where Recon’s designs are pushed to the limit in every respect.

Recon continue to lead the smart eyewear category for sports, and they will bring their technology and innovation to completely new markets and use-cases where activity-specific information, delivered instantly, can change the game.

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