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The challenge was to spread the word that customers could save themselves many hundreds or even thousands of £/EUR if they purchased Tado. We needed to design a set of POS tools that worked in developed smart home markets and one for emerging markets.


Our innovative designers were really impressed with Tado and their range of smart heating and air conditioning technology and the fact that it ultimately puts the customer in control whilst saving money at the same time.

Responding to regional differences we promoted ‘Control your heating with your phone’ in Central Europe, whilst ‘What will you spend it on?’ was rolled out in Northern and Southern Europe.

Our team created and produced POS solutions that highlighted the key messages, whilst displaying live display product, which was powered with battery and mains supply options dependant on location. The various design formats were focussed on DIY and consumer electronics stores with emphasis on air conditioning during Summer and heating products in Winter although a core brand presence was to be displayed throughout the year. Due to the seasonal peaks, permanent POS was complemented by card promo shippers.


est global smart home market by 2023


Tado founded


different heating systems can be controlled by tado


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Tado believes that it is possible to live comfortably and still act responsibly; for example, by not letting the heating run at full power while no one is at home. One third of the energy consumed around the world is used for heating or cooling buildings.

The systems used for this are controlled by non-smart technology that has been outdated for decades. Tado believe in state-of-the-art intelligent technology that fully automatically ensures that no energy is wasted.

Tado have developed their products in close cooperation with their users from the beginning. Tado has been running for two years in many households throughout Germany and other European Countries.

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