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The challenge was to spread the world that Smith provides a comprehensive range of cycle helmets on top of their more well-known snow-based products


Our team were really impressed with the Smith range of helmets and optics for skiing, snowboarding, road, mountain and downhill cycling.

The planogram would clearly change throughout the seasons, with the focus from 2 wheels, to snow and vice versa dependant on the season. The Smith optics brand also offers a range of lifestyle products which are a constant.


reduction of risk of serious head injury when wearing a helmet


estimated growth of moutain bike market (2017 / 2021)


the Smith brand was launched

167 MPH

bicycle speed record (flat surface / motor paced)


Originating from Sun Valley, Idaho, Smith was founded in 1965 with the invention of the first snow goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam.

With 50 years of innovation and design experience, Smith is widely known today as an industry leader that pioneers advanced eyewear and helmets that incorporate dynamic technologies, optimized performance and clean styling to fuel fun beyond walls.

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