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The challenge was how to guide customers via an informed journey which would result in the shopper purchasing the right mobile computing product and relevant accessories.

Not only did we need to consider device performance levels but also form factor factors. With Laptops now falling in to several categories such as 2-in-1, Ultrabook, Google laptops, tablets – we had to simply the complex buying process.


Our experienced team created an explore table at the front of the product category, which featured the best of each form factor.

The store colleague could then establish whether a customer really wanted a laptop, or whether another form factor would be more relevant, for example, a frequent flyer or commuter may benefit from a 2-in-1, with cramped travelling conditions benefitting from a foldable touch screen.

Once the form factor is established the colleague and customer head off to the table of choice.

At the head of each table we displayed a hero product, merchandised alongside pre-chosen accessories – for example demonstrating how a 2-in-1 could also become a desktop solution by adding a screen, docking station, keyboard and mouse.

Luggage merchandising space was added to the underside of all relevant ranges.


tablets sold globally in Q4 2017


devices connected to the internet by 2020


mobile phones in use in 2017


average time spent by UK adults on smrt devices daily


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