4 metres of pure sound!


The challenge was to help customers select the ideal Sennheiser headphone when they are faced with multiple types and brands in-store.

We also needed to make sure that customers understood the features and benefits of each headphone type and allow them to try them out, listening to their own music on their own smartphone.


Our skilled team created a 4-metre, a 3-metre, an in-line display and an end-cap. Each segment was planogramed with in-ear, over-ear and wireless headphones.

Within ‘over-ear’ we highlighted noise cancelling as one of the key features. Alongside the strong branding we selected backlit lifestyle images that best represented each sub category, making it simple for the customer to select the headphone that best suits their needs.

We offered the ability to connect a customer’s smartphone to the display allowing them to hear their own music, via a 3.5mm jack or a lightning cable.

Each product on display was supported by a spec card, with supporting product features and benefits.

The end-cap features a touch screen, providing the customer with additional product information and specification comparisons.


global headset sales in 2017


active spotify users (Jan 2018)


Sennheiser employees worldwide


Harvey Norman store in Republic of Ireland


Sennheiser are shaping today the audio world of tomorrow - that is the ambition that they live by from day to day.

For Sennheiser, good sound is not enough. Sennheiser want to achieve the perfect sound. Sounds can transport us to distant places, awaken sleeping emotions and even intensify our sense of taste.

Sennheiser do not perceive them just with our eardrums, but by way of the skin and some people can actually see sounds. This is how Sennheiser is working every day to achieve the perfect sound and opening up to their customers the whole feeling world of the audio universe.

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