Bringing smart technology to football


The challenge was to provide the football eco-system with a smart technology that other sports such as runners, cyclists and golfers have taken advantage of for a while.

We had a clear brief to make football players and coaches aware that Tracktics exists and explain the obvious benefits such as tracking and record activity.


Our innovative team created a distinctive retail identity utilising hexagonal shaped icons, which fitted together like a puzzle to form a perfect circle. Each icon represented an example of the data provided when wearing the tracker.

On screen we were able to explain the heat maps generated by a player, showing pitch coverage and running speeds – pretty incredible data that can be compared game on game.

The icons were designed to become the communication DNA for use in social media to highlight a player’s performance during a successful match. The base of the display is astro turf for that added context.

A series of POS displays were created with sports stores and CE stores in mind, the millions of footballers can now not miss the opportunity to join the connected world of smart technology.


recorded with Tracktics


players registered


distance average premier league players travel in a match


wearable devices shipped in 2017


The Tracktics performance-tracker is the perfect complement for all ambitious football players. The Tracker contains four high-tech sensors that trace all your moves in the pitch.

You can measure your performance and analyse your athletic data. The data will allow you know your performance and follow your development.

You can access your data through the Tracktics player app or on the Tracktics online platform. In addition, you can compare yourself with friends and other users of Tracktics and thus motivate yourself to achieve higher performances.

gaming tournaments, MSI Beat It, they have created numerous opportunities for amateur and professional gamers to prove their worth in online and offline events including a $100K tournament.

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